Please read the entire document carefully; failure to do so could result in significant losses.

The focus of this signal will be on portfolio management.

Risk level: Low

This signal will necessitate the use of a separate hopper. You must not combine it with others signals or strategies. This is critical because when we send a sell signal, all of your existing positions in that coin will be sold.

We will cut the losers using tight stop losses based on volatility, and ride the winners as long as possible, exiting with the chart rather than arbitrary take profit. As a result, you will have a safer alternative to bots. Please note that certain AI generated trades may include a take profit value.

Best For:

People who want to leverage our manual trading as well as powerful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies for managing their portfolio, or a portion of it while hosting their own hoppers.

Mandatory Configuration:‌‌‌‌


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‌‌Pause Signal: Disabled

Market Order: Disabled

‌Sell Signals: Enabled

Signal Configuration : Enabled


‌‌To see if you missed any signals visit the marketplace page (link below), click the Performance Report tab and type your exchange name in the Search box‌‌. This will show you all signals from that exchange‌‌. Please make sure you have the coin in your coin list.

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