The options are what makes this a great versatile trading tool. I can set it for crypto and for stocks and really fine tune for what i want to trade. I went to check out the website for information and i found out there is even a way to get direct help from the creator if needed.


1 month of day trader with an explorer sub and some minimal manual buys, up 5%>.. have to say not bad at alI considering I was used to see only red.


Top strategy, especially seeing this is a Free one! Every strategy is dependent on the market, but of all strategies l've tested and used this seems to be the most consistent one. Also very good support if needed by the developer(s) on their Discord.


Nice consistent trading. Not blasting off buys into infinity but opening good solid positions that will give you a nice turn around (and how cheap is it !)


love the calm trading, not needed to check the bot every second of the day.


I have run several strategies and signals. Currently i'm running 'TA Warriors Free Strategy" as i only had 500 usd freely available.With very conservative settings i now have about 45 usd profit and started running it approx 2 months ago