Scalping Backtesting Results

The backtesting periods have been reduced to two weeks, as the backtest came to a halt at that point for unknown reasons.

May 2021

High volatility with downtrend

June 2021

Highly volatile market with huge swings

July 2021

Highly volatile market with macro downtrend

August 2021

End of downtrend, full bull market

September 2021

Uptrend, followed by a crash, consolidation then small uptrend

October 2021

Uptrending market with lots of consolidation 

Scalping Strategy
This strategy finds opportunities almost every day! We used AI to find the best trend, volume, and momentum indicators parameters, as well as the best price action patterns, so that we could make better decisions. Risk Level: HighAverage duration of a trade: less than four hours Best For: Traders wh…