The cost of heating your house can account for as much as 40 percent of your monthly electrical bill, making it one of the most significant expenses for any homeowner or renter.

We'll look at ways to cut your heating costs and support the blockchain at the same time.

Farewell, Energy Wasting Element

Silicon chips serve as the heating element in Heatbit devices, in contrast to the heating elements found in conventional heaters. The mining process requires those chips to carry out a large number of intensive computations, which results in the production of heat as a byproduct. In the end, you will receive both heat and bitcoins.


Heatbit, in opposed to other ASIC miners, has a low operating noise level of little under 42 decibels (DBA), which means that it will not interfere with your normal commute.

No Compromises

Despite its low level of noise and maximum power need of 1300 watts, a Heatbit is able to keep a room that is 170 square feet in size warm.

I could go on, but Heatbit has already done an amazing job of explaining their product on their website, so I will link you there instead. When you check out, don't forget to enter the promotional code "warrioreffect" without the commas to get a discount of 5 percent!

Heatbit - electric heater that earns you money
Heatbit - electric heater that earns you money Hashpower: 14 TH/s Power consumption: 1.3 kW (110-120v/220-240v) Weight: 31 lbs / 14 kg