This is aimed towards users with no knowledge and experience. If you already have a trading bot, you should check out our strategies and signals.

Do you want a completely passive income? Then don't look any further.

We will set up, run, and maintain an AI bot built from the ground up specifically designed for your needs.

You will also benefit from our manual trading experience.

Running alongside the Mastermind's hoppers ensures that you have first access to cutting-edge technology.

Due to security and legal concerns, we are unable to host your funds . As a result, you will need to open an account on a cryptocurrency exchange.

This page contains a listing of our associates. We partner with a variety of businesses. Kindly contact us if you wish to discuss a partnership. CryptwireCryptwire is an application that connects with Cryptohopper to provide you with a slew of new options such as comprehensive bot statistics, charti…

After you've registered on a supported Exchange, you'll need to generate an API key (takes less than 5 min).
After you've created your API key, order a Managed Assets subscription from our website and connect with us on Discord.

If you are uncomfortable with this procedure, we will gladly assist you on Discord live chat as part of your subscription with us.

Billing Period

If you ever wish to cancel your subscription, use the following form.

Please note that no refund will be given, but the renewal will be disabled.