Becoming a TA Warriors affiliate allows you to advertise the Warriors Club and its benefits to your target audience, generating passive recurring income. You will receive 20% of their subscription fee for the duration of their membership ! Your subscribers will automatically get a 30% discount on their first month.

Here's a breakdown of the Club's perks.

Learn How To get Rich

Several filler-free micro courses that teach you how to become wealthy. From cutting living expenses to trading to long-term investing, our knowledge base is constantly expanding.

Private Global Network

The VIP chat at the Warriors Club is where future 1%ers exchange knowledge and leverage their fraternity to overcome any obstacles.

Long Term Investing Signals

Artificial intelligence is fantastic, but nothing beats a human-machine team. To ensure the trade is perfect, our manual signals use a combination of Artificial Intelligence and human flexibility.

Crypto Giveaways

The best opportunity to change your life. The value of our Monthly Crypto Giveaway grows in tandem with the number of participants. The more Club Members there are, the better your chances of winning a Bitcoin.

Priority Support

Sometimes you need assistance right away. Skip the line and get help as soon as you need it, directly from the founder and his community of 1%ers. Available through Discord.

‌1-1 Bot Setup

Learning a new platform and getting it up and running can be intimidating. Our 1-1 Bot Setup for Club Members allows you to significantly accelerate your learning curve by working with an experienced professional.

Exclusive Partners Deals

We understand how important it is to keep your hard-earned money safe. That is why TA Warriors is constantly negotiating deals and discounts with a wide range of businesses.

(Coming Soon)High Quality MT5 Data

Even the most brilliant scientists cannot complete their work if they lack adequate data. Brokers aren't known for their data quality. TA Warriors solves this issue by providing you with 99% accurate tick data for the world's most popular assets, properly formatted so that you can import it into your MT5 bot right away. If the pair you want isn't listed on our website, you can request it.

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