Cryptwire is an application that connects with Cryptohopper to provide you with a slew of new options such as comprehensive bot statistics, charting your trades alongside indicators, and much more! Let's explore a couple features. ‌

Advanced Hoppers Analytics

You'll have no trouble fixing faults and optimizing your setup if you make use of the more than 24 charts, computations, and insights provided.

Advanced Trades Analysis

Find out exactly when and how a trade was made and how it was carried out throughout time.

Everybody Is Different

The wizard in CryptWire lets you to improve your DCA settings. Follow the steps to achieve the optimum Cryptohopper settings for your specific needs.

Portfolio Trailing Stop Loss

Remove emotions from your portfolio management and prevent yourself from bot failure. To prevent an account wipeout, CryptWire allows you on apply a trailing stop loss to your Hopper's balance.

Find Potential Gems

With CryptWire's Coin Researcher you can find cryptocurrencies based on market cap and volume as well as how far they still need to climb to reach their previous all-time high.

There is no doubt that CryptWire is an essential tool in your arsenal, and I kindly invite you to check them out! Use the promo code "BULLWARRIORS2021" to save 10% on any three-month subscription.

Cryptwire - Advanced Cryptohopper analytics