We analysed years of cryptocurrency market data and spent months designing automated trading algorithms, which we then tested and optimised using AI until everything worked perfectly. Start guaranteeing your financial freedom by becoming a Technical Analysis Warrior.

Strategies - Technical Analysis Warriors
Advanced Algorithmic strategies for your CryptoHopper automated trading bot !
Signals - Technical Analysis Warriors
A.I powered signals for your CryptoHopper automated trading bot.

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We recommend that newcomers read our guide on getting started with an Exchange and Cryptohopper.

Getting Started
To manage your TA Warriors trading products with Cryptohopper, choose your preferred Major Exchange. We have selected Coinbase as our...

Want the ultimate hands free experience ?

Check out our Managed Assets service !

Managed Assets
Do you want a completely passive income? Then don’t look any further. We will set up, run, and maintain a bot built from the ground up specifically designer for your needs. You can choose one of the following: One Hero Hopper Two Adventurer Hoppers Four Explorer Hoppers Running alongside the