TA Warriors is the top global network. Every member has attained or is actively pursuing the ultimate objective of all intelligent human: freedom in a world of slavery.

Extract Money From The Markets

TA Warriors uses the same Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technology and rigorous robustness tests as hedge funds and banks to elevate automated trading to a whole new level. Make money off Stocks, Forex, Crypto, Commodities, Indices and ETF's while you sleep.

Surround Yourself

Your Actions And Knowledge Are A Direct Result Of The People You Know. Members of the Warriors Club use their connections and fraternity to succeed at anything. Your life will change if you change the individuals you contact with.
There is a level of human life that only a select few are able to reach. The Club is for people who are aware that it DOES exist, and who REFUSE to live their entire lives without it. That access is POSSIBLE.

Joining, chatting with us, receiving products support and accessing Raptor's Charting is all free. However, VIP's have their own private rooms and perks. (accessible by selecting "Sign Up" from the menu in the bottom right corner)

Earn Passive Income

Becoming a TA Warriors affiliate allows you to advertise the Warriors Club and its benefits to your target audience, generating monthly dividends.

Learn To Build Wealth

Everyone loves to tell you that you can do anything. That is utter nonsense.
Even if you are committed and willing to put in a lot of effort, you must know WHAT to work on and WHAT to dedicate yourself to, otherwise you're wasting time and energy.

An empty aquarium for money tips.

Use Proper Data

Experienced Metatrader traders understand that, regardless of your broker, the data will have gaps and holes, resulting in an ineffective backtesting and optimisation process. TA Warriors gives you an additional advantage over regular retails by providing 99% quality MT5 data for the world's most popular pairs to Club Members.

Notebook work with statistics on sofa business

‌‌Exclusive Deals

The Warriors Club provides you with an ever-expanding list of discounts on various tools, softwares, and more thanks to various partnerships!

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